Monday, April 9, 2012

Running Away

When I was a kid, I used to think about running away. Back then, I imagined myself escaping to exotic locations such as Grandma's house or the neighborhood tree fort. I kept an inventory of survival essentials ready at all times: juice box, granola bar, Nancy Drew novel, and about five dollars.

These days not much has changed, except maybe the locations. And of course the survival essentials. While I still dream of running away to Grandma's house, I've expanded my horizons beyond the backyard.

If I ever ran away, I think I'd go to a small Mediterranean island. Maybe I'd buy a little boat and take tourists out on snorkeling excursions. Or maybe I'd open a sea-side bar and serve frozen drinks to sunburned beach goers.

In fact, I even know exactly which island I'd choose. I would go to Corfu, Greece. Corfu is a large island in the Ionian Sea off the northwestern coast of Greece. You can get there on an overnight ferry from Italy. Or you can fly there from most major European cities.

The main town on the island of Corfu (conveniently enough, the town is also named Corfu)

Greek salad with tzatziki and wine in Corfu, Greece.

I love Corfu! It has all the amenities of a Greek metropolis without the hustle and dirtiness of Athens. It has the relaxed, live-life-to-enjoy-life vibe of a remote tropical island while still being conveniently located and easily accessible. The best feature of Corfu is it's insane beauty: from ice-cold, crystal-clear water to quaint villages and churches. Plus, Greek food is ah-maz-ing! So be prepared to gain a few lbs.

I traveled to Corfu on an overnight ferry from Italy.
While in Corfu, it is essential to take time to visit some of the beautiful beaches located all over the island. You can rent jeeps and drive around at your own leisure. Most of the beaches are within an hour or so of each other. Each of the beaches has a different vibe. Some are relaxed, some are touristy, and some are party hot spots. Some beaches are even clothing optional!

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